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Trust your gut

Cape Town Real was inspired by a voice in my head.

Journey of DISCOVERY

Do you also hear voices in your head? What do they say to you?

I'm here to say that it's OKAY to hear voices, but that there is only one voice you should LISTEN to.

We've all heard the saying "Trust your gut" which is another way of saying trust your inner voice. I'm not sure about you but I have more than one inner voice and they seem to have different agendas which makes things complicated. So how do you tell which is your true 'inner voice'?

I've learnt that there are two main voices; one of them is subtle, it looks out for me, it gently guides and supports my growth, lets call this voice Gutsy. The other voice tells me loud and clear on a regular basis that I SUCK and it convinces me that I CAN't, for whatever reason it seems that this voice doesn't want me to grow, lets call this one Bully. I know that I am not alone when I say that I have been guilty of listening to Bully more than Gutsy. Why do we do this? That's a deep question, one which I aim to answer in time, so stick around. For now it is most important that you are able to distinguish between Gutsy and Bully.

So how do you tell who is talking? Ask yourself, is this voice encouraging or discouraging me?

Gutsy encourages but often it is not clear why. Meaning that what Gutsy says is sometimes illogical, there is no clear motivation or outcome. This is why they say TRUST your gut because it often requires us to go beyond our comfort zone to a place that challenges us. You have to know that Gutsy has your best interest at heart.

This can be explained by my current journey because right now I am following my Gutsy.

I woke up a few months ago to a gentle but clear voice which said, "its time to create a podcast". It wasn't the first time I had had this thought, but for so long Bully was the one running the show and I had been convinced about all the reasons why and how I would SUCK if I ever created a podcast!

So what has changed? I guess I have been working on my relationship with Gutsy for sometime now so when I received that message I was able to very quickly identify 'who' was talking. Having learnt that Gutsy only has my best interest at heart I was able to TRUST and take the step beyond my comfort zone.

I can however tell you that listening to Gutsy does not necessarily mean only fun and games, I am being challenged on many levels and am having to confront aspects of myself that I ordinarily would hide from. But I know that I am evolving and and that I am not alone. Gutsy is right here by my side guiding me.

The more you engage with Gutsy, the more Gutsy will engage with you. So kick Bully to the curb and get in touch with your Gutsy but know that it may mean stepping up and out of your comfort zone into uncertainty. But also know that that means GROWTH.

And after all, isn't that what it life is all about?

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